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reblog if you are a NERD who loves DRAGONS

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  1. me: *playing bioware game*
  2. me: wow im about to enter an important, high-risk, life-or-death battle
  3. me: ...
  4. me: better bring my significant other
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there’s always one character that you would actually go out and buy a body pillow of, even if you find body pillows disgusting. there’s always one exception.

god ew no gross

im so glad im not like that right optimus


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*tosses aside Autobrand and Team Autobot t-shirt*

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I don’t recall if I ever uploaded this here… ah well. Have it anyway.

Listen to this it will make you cry tears of pure joy

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there is nothing, absolutely nothing, not a single thing about this piece of dialogue that i don’t love

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Does anyone know about a site where you can record all your original characters? I can’t find it again, but it was journal-themed and had a place for you to put their picture and spaces for their bio, like their name, where they were from, ect. It also had a page that had a lot of random questions about your character too, like, “What’s their favorite ice cream flavor?”